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Basketball and betting have more in common than you may think. So as to be successful at pursuit, it is helpful to have an established system. In the event of basketball, having a reliable offensive strategy which you can roll out each game regardless of the matchup provides you a leg-up. Think Mike D’Antoni’s free-flowing space-and-pace attack or Jerry Sloan’s nearly unbeatable pick-and-roll crime in the 1980s and 90s.
If it comes to betting, you can gain the exact same type of benefit by having a closely defined set of principles which you can apply to each and every match irrespective of who’s on the court.
Luckily, you do not need to create your own betting system from scratch. There are already a few established strategies that you can try on for size when you lay down wagers on your favorite teams, and there is no rule against pilfering from the playbooks of individuals who arrived before you. We’ve included a number of the most reliable systems and money-management strategies below, along with insights on how to use them. When combined with an comprehension of the sport, these systems can help turn even rookie betters to all-stars.
The High Totals System
Few strategies are easier to learn and use in relation to the High Totals System created by Allen Moody, a sports-betting professional and the author of Becoming a Winning Gambler and Sports Betting Basics. Moody discovered that sportsbooks frequently underestimate game totals for NBA non-conference games, and started taking the over on all matches using an over/under of 220 total points. It is a very simple approach, but it paid off handsomely as he had been right 63.5% of the time for all games meeting that criteria from 2004-05 to 2008-09.
Those sorts of games have been rarities a decade before, but they are becoming more common today as groups push the speed and drain more three-pointers. Back in 2004-05, NBA teams scored an average of 97.2 points per match. That number jumped to 100.0 in 2008-09 and rose all the way to 105.6 in 2016-17. Sportsbooks have become savvy for this trend, but there is still worth to be seen by taking the above in games with especially high total-point projections.

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